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William Kalas, Esquire has practiced in the field of PIP Dispute Resolution (formerly PIP Arbitration) since 1992.  Representing only Claimants demanding payment for medical expenses causally related to a motor vehicle accident from the responsible insurance carrier, William Kalas, Esquire has successfully arbitrated thousands of cases under an assignment of benefits on behalf of hospitals, surgeons, anesthesiologists (pain management specialists), chiropractors, physical therapists, diagnostic facilities and medical supply companies and directly on behalf of individuals.

When the Law Office of William Kalas is retained for representation in your PIP Dispute Resolution, all costs connected with the commencement of the PIP Dispute Resolution will be advanced by our firm and any reimbursement of costs and legal fee will be paid by the automobile insurance carrier as determined by the Dispute Resolution Professional (DRP and formerly PIP Arbitrator). There will NEVER be any costs or legal fee demanded from the client regardless of the outcome of the PIP Dispute Resolution.

In addition to PIP Dispute Resolution, the Law Office of William Kalas also handles Personal Injury Litigation.